Mob storms police station to punish girl held in desecration case

When someone is brutally attacked and brutally beaten, it’s shocking. Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House of Representatives), was assaulted at her San Francisco residence. The situation is in its early phases and is not well-known at this time. We do know that Mrs. Pelosi was not in San Francisco at the time of the incident and her husband the politician. Pelosi, was the person targeted. In any form of violence, it can be regarded unjustifiable, but particularly within the homes of innocent individuals. We are deeply involved by this increase in violence

. 1. Did there have to be a cause why the vigilante mob broke into the police station and was able to take control?

The incident that triggered the mob of vigilantes to take over the police station involved the desecration of a religious monument. The girl who was arrested was arrested and held at the station. They charged her with an offence of destruction of the religious monument. The mob wished take her to courtroom. Many individuals would give some thought to the act a critical offense. In addition, the truth that the lady was detained at the police station may have led to the belief that she would not be able to receive the correct punishment for her actions. The mob may have considered storming the police station as a approach to take justice into their personal fingers to make sure that the feminine was punished for her actions

. 2. What were the vigilante mob’s intentions?

In this instance the vigilante mob was decided to fantastic the girl who was arrested for the desecration of the sacred monument. They were motivated by an urge to see justice accomplished, and they believed that the police were not performing in a correct method to get the girl punished for her deeds. That led them to make concerns their personal fingers. they stormed the police station in order in order to make the authorities take motion. Though their actions were illegitimate but they clearly had a motive and were motivated by justice

. three. How did the police reply to this situation?

Police responded by attempting calm to diffuse the situation. They tried to calm the crowd by talking to the mob , and explaining the situation to them. They additionally tried to safeguard the girls from harm

. Quick Summary

The suspect’s husband told the police that his spouse was emotionally disturbed and that may have been a factor in the brutal assault. A blasphemy FIR was registered and an investigation has begun


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