General Mills Inc (NYSE:GM) stock review: a dependable dividend stock?

General Mills Inc

General Mills Inc. is a number one global packaged meals company with a diverse profile of well-known brands. Along with increasing dividends per share and expanding into brand new companies, the organization has made 86 acquisitions. Therefore, in the event that you’re considering buying stocks of General Mills, there are many reasons to ponder over it as a potential investment. Read on for more information. Its history could be traced back again to 1868, with regards to was started on the banking institutions of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

General Mills is a leading global packed meals company

General Mills is a multinational customer items business located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The business produces branded meals for consumers around the globe, selling them in food markets, medication shops, dollar stores, and convenience shops. These food types range from ready-to-eat cereals and treats to frozen meals, yogurt, and ice cream. In addition, the company is active outside the grocery sector, through its foodservice unit.

It offers a portfolio of familiar brands

Created regarding the banking institutions for the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, General Mills, Inc. was supplying consumers with a variety of delicious meals for longer than a century. The company is promoting a few recognizable brands, including Gold Medal flour, Annie’s Homegrown, Nature Valley, Totino’s, Pillsbury, and Haagen-Dazs. It markets a great many other well-known North American brands, including fortunate Charms and Trix.

It does increase dividends per share

A few organizations recently increased their dividends, including Micron Technology and General Mills. In addition, numerous large banking institutions announced plans to increase their dividend repayments. General Mills, for example, increased its dividend per share by very nearly 6% to 54 cents. These dividend increases indicate that the company has an increasing company and is prepared to get back cash to investors. In the event that you’re considering buying this stock, it’s worth evaluating the free income declaration.

It offers made 86 acquisitions in new companies

With a yearly revenue of $13 billion and a market limit of $30 billion, General Mills happens to be a juggernaut for decades. Nevertheless, its enterprize model is changing. The company has expanded into brand new industries, such as for example pet food. In 1999, General Mills diversified by the addition of a line of Betty Crocker rice and pasta mixes. In addition, it purchased Blue Buffalo, a business that emphasizes natural products. The acquisition also diversified General Mills’ product sales by reducing its contact with unhealthful products. Additionally, this has become a recession evidence part.

This has a very good balance sheet

The financial statements of General Mills, Inc. are a great place to begin taking a look at the company’s economic health. The company makes use of debt to fund its operations, as well as its assets are on normal 3 x its shareholders’ equity. Meaning its balance sheet is quite strong in comparison to its rivals. Nevertheless the financial statements do possess some what to be cautious about. General Mills should make sure its future earnings can sustain its strong stability sheet.

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