How Elvis’ Daughter Lisa Marie Presley Made the Most of Her Life in Photos

Lisa Marie Presley was a extraordinary actor, performer, and musician all through all of her life. As a teenager, she struggled with medicine addiction, among different things However, her rise to fame has been outstanding. The singer is now an acclaimed artist, and not with the support of her parents. Learn about her childhood and see a number of great pictures

. Childhood and early childhood

Lisa Marie Presley’s life was not easy. She was the daughter of Elvis Presley handed away in 1977, aged forty two. Her later struggles have been with medicine addiction. She was devastated and turned to music to find to find consolation. However, she did not give up her job

. Lisa was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu. She give up high college when she was a teenager and became depressed. To escape her depression, she started taking medicine. It was then that she realized that she didn’t desire to turn into like her father

. In the wake of her father’s passing the woman was put in a personal college. She ultimately removed from Memphis to go to Los Angeles. An all-girls college was her first alternative. This was the starting of her struggles with addiction. Her makes an attempt at unlawful medicine have been numerous

. After the passing of her father, Lisa found herself in an affair with Nicolas Cage. Cage and Lisa have been married in the yr 1988. Cage was divorced from Cage in November 2002

. Teenage years

Lisa Marie Presley was not her most cozy teen years. The couple break up when she was solely 4 years outdated. Within a year, the father of her, Elvis Presley, died of heart failure. His mother, Priscilla Presley, cared for her following her father’s death

. After her father’s death, Lisa lived with her mom for a while in the course of the time in Los Angeles and then at Graceland in Memphis. In addition, she spent a part of every yr at the dwelling of her father’s in Tennessee

. During her teenage years when she was a teenager, she dealt with medicine. She stopped utilizing sedatives and cocaine at the age of 18but has by no means been capable to get her act in order

. Scientology was first introduced to her at an early time. She wasn’t looking to comply with exactly the identical path as her father. Instead, she concentrated her energies to pursue a music profession that was successful

. Lisa was devastated at the demise of her dad. Lisa started to feel lonely and drank a lot of drugs

. Her drug use was stopped and she lastly joined Scientology. The lady was mindful, however of the pressures that resulted from being the son of Elvis

. The drug phase

Lisa Marie Presley was devastated by her addiction to medicine. At the age of 16, it started. It was when she started taking medicine they have been prescribed to ease the pain. Then, she was victimized by her addiction

. Lisa Marie, aged 17 had already been in rehabilitation. When she was in the rehab facility her mom took her into the Church of Scientology. That helped her get off of drugs

. Elvis Presley died when she was just nine years outdated. A prescription of barbiturates may have triggered her heart stroke. During the ensuing months, Lisa Marie went via a number of turbulent romantic relationships. In fact, she was married to 4 different men

. Priscilla Presley took most of the blame for creating Lisa Marie. But Michael Abuse of Finances made the scenario even much worse

. As a younger girl, Lisa Marie and Priscilla divorced. Lisa Marie dropped out of high college soon after. The yr was 1976. Lisa Marie was divorced from her parents

. Lisa will expertise a dramatic alteration in her life once she married Danny Keough. They would have youngsters jointly. They had daughters and the son

. The place of the final rest

Lisa Marie Presley handed away on January. 12, after suffering an cardiac arrest in her dwelling. Presley’s passing has introduced a number of tributes. One of them was by Nicolas Cage

. Austin Butler, who portrayed Elvis in the Baz Luhrmann biopic, also provided a tribute to the songwriter-singer and the mom of her character, Priscilla. At the Golden Globes, Austin Butler shared his grief for Presley and expressed his appreciation for his mother’s courage

. Graceland is the location that Elvis Presley and his household is cremated. It is one of five of the top dwelling excursions in the United States, welcoming extra than 500,000 individuals each year

. After her father’s death, Lisa Marie had the possibility of turning into the sole heir to the Graceland mansion. In 1993, she was 25 , and had the residence. The yr 2005 was the time she sold her whole stake in the house

. Graceland will have a funeral for condolences on Sunday. This memorial ceremony will be attended by followers from all over the world. This is the first funeral on the site at the cemetery since Elvis’ grandmother, Minnie Mae, handed away in 1980


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