The dangerous precedent set by this mob: will this lead to extra vigilante justice?

Today, a mob of vigilantes broke into a police station a New Karachi vicinity to punish an blameless woman who was booked and arrested for her alleged involvement in desecration of Holy Quran. They wished to exact their personal punishment on the individual in question, and they weren’t content with the laws. It is an obvious infraction of legislations and order five hundred. It is extremely disappointing to witness an act of lawlessness that is prevalent in our society. Everyone should be peaceable and observe the laws. That is not the way to go and might lead to more violence and chaos

. Quick Summary

This model of case requires that police personnel are educated on dealing with cases of blasphemy and provide emotional assistance for family members of suspects. The husband of the accused has suggested that his wife was distressed and it’s possibly that she wasn’t in appropriate mindset when she made comments that led to an FIR being made in opposition t her. This aspect should be investigated by the police. If they find that she’s not stabilized, they should reduce her charges and furnish the mandatory medical care


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